Natalia Chabrova is a top artist and trainer in permanent makeup with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. 

Her professional journey began in 2010, immersing herself in the world of injectable cosmetology. 

However, since 2015, she has focused on the art of permanent makeup.

Her medical education from college gave her a unique advantage in understanding various anatomical processes, greatly aiding her growth and refinement. 

This experience ensures meticulous skin care, prioritizing safety and quality for her clients.

Starting her career in Europe, Natalia had the extraordinary opportunity to learn from leading masters known worldwide. 

This experience provided a strong foundation and inspired her commitment to professional excellence. 

One of the key principles in her practice is not only continuous development but also a dedication to advanced techniques in permanent makeup. 

Regular participation in workshops and conferences keeps Natalia abreast of the latest trends, reflecting in the quality of services for both clients and students.

Clients often praise her perfectionism, a status Natalia takes pride in. 

The results of her work go beyond mere procedures; they are meticulously crafted details. 

A significant amount of time is dedicated to discussing and coordinating designs and colors. This approach ensures long-lasting and splendid results that make her clients happy.

Natalia’s trusted reputation is evidenced by numerous positive reviews on social media, and her studio is recognized as a top permanent makeup studio with the highest 5-star rating in the Atlanta Area. 

Moreover, clients from other states are frequently willing to travel to her for procedures.

Yet, her success extends beyond the studio—Natalia’s skills and professionalism were honored with a champion’s cup at the International Championship in Permanent Makeup in Miami. 

It is an honor to receive such recognition from the most skilled and respected specialists in the field of permanent makeup.

Additionally, she takes pride in participating in charitable activities, contributing to the support of women who have survived breast cancer. 

By providing free procedures to restore the areola of the breast, Natalia aims to bring light and beauty into the lives of those who need support.

You are invited to explore the results of her work, read testimonials, and become one of the fortunate recipients of modern permanent makeup. 

Many clients have shared that their only regret is not having the procedure done sooner.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Studio and Artist

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is constantly improving her skills