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“Permanent makeup by Natalia Chabrova! Amazing woman! I had my appt today and I got my lips, eyeliner, top and botton done today. I love it. It was not painful and even my hubby said it looks great! Natalia Chabrova was amazing! Professional and friendly and kind. Made me feel so comfortable.Thank you Natalia! See you in a month. Ladies if you are going to have this done, this is the lady you need to go to..Natalia Chabrova. I highly recommend her..”

-Pamela M Farrel, August 2019

“Natalia… I can’t thank you enough for making this such a great experience for me!!! I was even more terrified than you knew. But your professionalism, knowledge and beautiful energy helped me to relax and trust that I was going to be pleased in the end and I AM!!! Your service and work is top notch and because of that I know your business will continue to grow beyond anything you can imagine! The sky is the limit for you!!! Keep creating beauty!!! 

See you soon!”

-Miyoshi Hill Roberts, August 2019

“Natalia is the absolute best! ? Her technique and work is perfect and I couldn’t be happier with my Permenant eyeliner!!! My Mom loved it so much, she drove from Florida to get Natalia to do her powder brows. I didn’t trust my mom with just anyone, especially after recovering from cancer. My mom is so happy and confident now that she is going through  breast reconstruction surgery and just got new BROWS, she is beginning to feel like a woman again. Thank you, Natalia! You are amazing!!!  ❤️”

-Kalina Patterson, February 2020

“I cannot be more than happy to come to Natalia . She did my eyebrows and eyeliner. It was my first experience in permanent makeup . Natalia made an amazing job , I was extremely happy with the results , which exceeded my expectations ! My friends always asking where I found such a great permanent  makeup artist. Natalia is very kind , respectful , caring and knowledgeble professional . I highly recommend Natalia, because she is the best!”

-Maria Zimina, February 2020

“I can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience this was. Natalia is truly a skilled professional and her work area was exceptionally clean and pleasant. I had eyeliner done, (upper lids). I’m a blonde so my natural eyelashes are basically invisible and I hate to go out without eyeliner.  It’s been so nice to skip that step in the mornings.I’d like to reassure anyone who’s considering having permanent makeup done: the experience was painless, the environment was pristine, Natalie knows exactly what she’s doing!”

Sheri Hogan, February 2020

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleased with any other procedure. Natalia is a professional and honestly one of the most sincere workers you can find. She’s going to tell you the truth regarding what’s best for you, even if it’s something that won’t necessarily benefit her financially. Thank you so much for your delicate and gentle approach and I really do look forward to signing up for more artwork. ❤️”

-Shuna Zelman, March 2020

AMAZING! I watched and waited and waited and waited……but I FINALLY met with her and got powder brows. I could not be happier with the experience. Professional, caring, sweet, beautiful.  It was a gentle process and she was so passionate about her work. Finally seeing brows on my face after a lifetime of not having any moved me to tears. I cannot rave about her enough.

-Shanna Blake Croft, March2020

“For the first time I did my eyebrows with the powder technique and I am totally in love with the result ! Natalia is the best ! Very professional and talented. I Can’t be more happier! Will definitely use Natalia’s service in the future. Can’t wait to do eyeliner and lips . Thank you!”

-Katy Minakeva, March 2020

“Natalia was very professional and explained the process. She was very meticulous and made sure that I was happy with the shape she was going to work with an then she went to work. During the process while she was tattooing I literally fell asleep. She very gentle. I went back for my follow up one month later and she fine tuned the look. Very happy with the outcome.”

-Alan King, March 2020

Natallia is very professional….she explains everything to you and tells you what to expect.I have been having my brows done for many years. I would say that Natalia is the best artist that I have been too.If rated from 1-10 I would give her a 10 plus, plus….Thank you again Natalia for your expertise!

-Peggy Cleveland, March 2020

“Natalia did my eyebrows and lips and I couldn’t be happier! She takes her time and explains everything she’s doing. She’s professional and you can tell she takes pride in her work. I would definitely recommend her.”

-Allison Johnson, April 2020 

“Natalia is such a Master in what she does!!! I was sceptical at first because I never had a tattoo done but changed my mind after the first procedure. She was very detailed and spent time to make sure that i was satisfied with every single spot on my face. I had lips, eyebrows,  and the eyeliner done, and very happy of the outcome ?”

-Marina Bukshteyn, April 2020

“Natasha was very nice and professional. Great work at good prices. Will come back again.”

-Natalia Caisin, April 2020

“Natalia is simply the best! Her level of professionalism and politeness is unmeasurable. She is the only person that I trust to do my permanent makeup. I am a lifelong customer.”

-Patrice Augustus, April 2020 

“Natalia is the best ! She make my eyebrows and l really love it ?. Her work is perfect l felt very comfortable with her . I love her professionalism Thank you so much ?? Natalia”

 -Betty Rodrigues, April 2020

“Professionalisms and attention to details it’s how I can describe Natalia’s services. She is a magician of her  work. I requested an appointment with Natalia during non business hours due to my tight schedule and she was very accommodating and agreed to do all my three areas at the same tyime. I know it’s a  time consuming to do all three procedures at once but she was very accommodating. Spotless, modern space , very comfortable atmosphere. 

Natalia’s job is impeccable art. She sees and correct the details of tattoos that I would  never see or pay attention to. After already  first appointment with Natalia , I got a lot of compliments on how natural and beautiful I look, and how do I have time in the mornings to do so natural make up every day. Now I can sleep 30 minutes longer, since I do not need to put make up at all. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Natalia. Her work will enhance your natural beauty. You will love it.”

-Irina Thompson, April 2020

“Highly recommended. Natalia does great work, takes her time  and will make you look and feel beautiful. Her salon is clean and comfortable as well which makes for a great experience.”

-Jessica Kramer, April 2020

“Natalia did a great job on my eyebrows, They look so natural.! I’m so happy with the results. Natalia takes the time to explain the procedure and importance of the aftercare. She is very compassionate and caring about making you look your best. She gives honest advice on what she thinks will look the best with your skin type , age ,etc….thank you Natalia!!!”

– Helen Caisin April 2020